martedì 9 novembre 2010

* Halloween Tea Party *

...i'm always a little late with the times,
but i really wanted to show you some pictures the *Hallowee Tea Party*, wich i set front of my shop.
The decoration, the garland and the topper, they are i used to *Rebecca Halloween Party*, some picures can be found here:,
and here:
and here:
prepared for me by Suze,, as weel as the cartel's great that we have set out.
It's a little thing turned out really nice and we anjoyed a great success.
Many people stopped, they tries *my cupcakes* ( i hand made a hundred, and after an hour had already finished), *my cookies* covered in sugar paste, and sipped a tea shop, which sells fruit, is called
*Winter Kiss* and knows of cinnamon, vanilla and orange.
Bikes are happy with the success of this mini buffer,and happy comments people were eating...
But the best comment...especially those children never lie!!!
...And when the mothers go back because the kids want more...
i'd say...
This is indeed stisfying!!!


                                                     Good Day to
                                                       you all
                                                         * Teterina *


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